Paterson (2021)

Paterson is about the heroin epidemic on the Jersey Shore. The show is based on interviews, testimonies, and stories from those affected including users, former users, family members, friends, activists, and doctors.

Created by Ash Marinaccio

Directed by Joe Shahadi

Featuring: Jenna Krasowski*, Stephen Cedars, Anna Savant, Anthony DeVito, Kristin Cantwell, Alanah Allen, Jamie Saunders

Transcription Assistance: Michelle Chan, Janet Bentley, Luke Pearlberg

Dramaturgical/Transcript Development Assistance: Cat Plazas, Jason Wang, Alli Green, Jenna Krasowski, Ryan Victor Pierce, Mick Bleyer, Kristin Cantwell, Jill Melanie Wirth, Anna Savant, Joan Kane, Arielle Zaytsev, Matt Geiler, Aubrie Ferris

Interview Assistance: Atlanticare, Wendy Galbraith, Abby Ybarra, Jennifer Tornetta

*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Paterson is made possible by generous support from LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.